To further develop the economic sector of adventure tourism in Mavrovo-Rostuse and Dibër cross border by creation of new active products and increasing the numbers of domestic and foreign visitors.

Project objectives:

Specific objectives

i. To increase the number of jobs for the inhabitants of Mavrovo-Rostushe & Diber region through improved touristic services/products

ii. To create business opportunities for service providers and tourism operators from both countries

iii. To promote Mavrovo-Rostushe and Diber cross border region as one adventure destination for active tourism.

Target area

1. Polog Region, population of Mavrovo and Rostushe Municipality

2. Dibër Region population of Municipality of Dibër

Target group and beneficiaries:

• All kinds of tourism service providers in both countries;

• Domestic and foreign tourist engaged in adventure activities in the Mavrovo-Rostuse and Dibër cross border region;

• Local people with their facilities like accommodation, restaurants, souvenir shops, supermarkets and small stores, info points and stores with home products from Mavrovo-Rostuse and Dibër cross border region;

• Local Businesses;

This project is implemented by

Albanian Local Capacity Development Foundation (ALCDF),
Association for Active Tourism Explorer 2018 Ohrid,
Keshilli I Qarkut Diber (Diber Regional Council),
Municipality of Mavrovo and Rostuse.
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