ALCDF creates opportunities for innovative solutions and development in rural areas. The Albanian Local Capacity Development Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by a group of organizations with a constituency and interest based in the rural areas of Albania. ALCDF is supported in the beginning by SNV (Netherlands Development Organization) and it is part of a Local Capacity Development Facilities network of more than 15 countries.

Brokering Facilities (PREXALBANIA)

What we do?

ALCDF is the Local Capacity Development Foundation Scaling Local Solutions Initiative in Albania. This initiative will break new ground in realizing the mission of "creating opportunities for innovative solutions and development in rural communities." ALCDF is a mechanism working to improve the market environment for Capacity Development Services (CDS). ALCDF works within the "Service Environment" ("SE"), which is the capacity service market including the current situation thereof and the circumstances in which this market is operating ;the SE also represents the setting in which applicants for Capacity Development Services (CDS) and suppliers of CDS interact with each other.

ALCDF focuses on four main rural sectors:

  • Local Governance
  • Tourism
  • Agriculture
  • Forestry

ALCDF clients or Applicants include the following candidates as formalized rural actors:

  • Local authorities, including communes, communal councils, regional councils (when they plan to intervene in the rural areas of their region), and village councils;
  • Sole proprietors who possess a NIPT, including farmers, small retailers, and street vendors;
  • Associations of formalized rural actors, based in rural areas or having a defined rural constituency/membership or client base;
  • Small- and medium-sized firms, companies, and enterprises operating in rural areas and owned by Albanian citizens.

ALCDF offers support for Capacity Development Services (CDS) that are services of an intellectual and advisory nature provided through selected Service Providers (SP) using their professional skills to study, design, and organize specific projects, advise clients, conduct training, and transfer knowledge. Service Providers (SP) may be private companies owned by Albanian citizens, NPOs at the national, regional and local level, or individual consultants.

ALCDF has two main functions,

  1. Brokering, for example by connecting people or making market information transparent and accessible.
  2. Grant making to fund local actor initiatives, such as testing innovations and scaling solutions.

In order to ensure that these functions perform properly, ALCDF established two divisions

  1. The Partnership for Innovation Fund (P4I)
  2. The Capacity Building Brokering Facility

P4I principles

These services could include the following:
• Productivity of the initiative (effective use of resources leading to increased income, decreased expenditure, increased employment and decreased/diversified risk, and/or an enabling environment),
• Equity and Sustainability (of the benefits)
• Skill-building.

The scheme:

The Capacity Building Brokering Facility is a market meeting place and a knowledge nodal point for capacity building services and methods. The Brokering Facility's tailored design is in line with cutting edge international technological application trends for brokering through electronic media and other media platforms according to rural actors' preferences. Furthermore, the Facility will offer a broad range of support to capacity service providers, especially regarding marketing services, tools, and methods. The purpose of the overall process is to structurally improve the service environment and interaction between those demanding and supplying services. The Brokering Facility division will generate revenues through membership fees, advertising and donors' contribution to further support its operations and contribute to the Investment Fund. It also will offer the following services:

  • An individual page for each service provider, including a biography (whether individual or organization), areas of expertise and interest, experience (listing professional activities or projects), geographic focus area, rates and references. The facility will also note other information such as the projects the service provider has accomplished under the facility and the satisfaction rating of clients.
  • Organization of all service providers by sector. There are pull-down search menus for specialization, geographic region, or other items in order to create shorter lists.
  • Organization of all service providers by sector. There are pull-down search menus for specialization, geographic region, or other items in order to create shorter lists.
  • A page for current tender notices, whether for the P4I Fund, other clients, or links to tender sites. Further pages will elaborate the specifics of the tender and provide mailing and printing options.
  • A list of important announcements of new general business or specific sector offers for training and professional development opportunities.