Diber, one of Albania’s most beautiful mountainous regions, surrounded by Deshat-Korab and Lure-Selishtë mountain ranges, with 21 glacial lakes, two national parks, and well-known thermal baths, has the potential to support a vibrant tourism industry [...]

  • Establish a self-governing, cross-sectoral institution (Forumi Dibra Turistike) which effectively plans, coordinates, and promotes tourism in Diber;
  • Develop a Tourism Action Plan (TAP) for the Diber Municipality through a participatory process with attention to tradition, natural assets, agriculture, sustainability, gender and environmental compliance
  • Improved operation of a quality Tourist Information Center (TIC), via the formation of a PPP and increased staff capacities for the management and operation of the TIC, quality customer service and market information
  • Create business to business linkages and partnerships among and between touristic suppliers and agriculture and handicraft producers

Functional Area Development Program – Diber Functional Area.

In the framework of the Decentralization and Local Development Programme (dldp), Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation Albania contracted / hired ALCDF as a Service Provider to carry out the research / study for Diber Functional Area Program. The first phase resulted with a proposal of the potential scenarios of functional area mapping in Diber region. During the second phase the study contributed on the identification of the potentials of Diber Functional through broader and deeper analysis of economy, public services, local government and design the basic development programs for Diber functional area which is also corresponding with the territory of the new local government unit [...]

Promotion and Protection of the Environment through Cultural and Ecological Tourism (ProTour) Project

This project aims to promote tourism through discovering and marking new hiking trails and making visible the natural resources of the area, awareness raising on environmental issues in order to attract more touristic activities and tourists and as such contribute in building up the local economy and environmental protection, promotion and management. [...]

Sustaining rural development in the Deshati mountain range region: Deshati LAGs"

ALCDF in partnership with Albanian National Training and Technical Assistance Resource Center–ANTTARC- (being the project Lead Partner / Applicant) implemented “Sustainable rural development in Deshati mountain range region: Deshati LAGs” project, financed by IPA Cross-Border Programme the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia-Republic of Albania, 2007-2013[...]

Leveraging the Capacities of CSOs in the North of Albania for betterment of biodiversity and environment protection

Albanian Local Capacity Development Foundation is implementing the project “Leveraging the capacities of CSO-s in the North of Albania”, the so called “Eco-Nord” project, financed from European Union Delegation in Albania. This project is funder under Civil Society Facility – Civic Initiative and Capacity Building component (part of IPA 2013). [...]

Improvement of national and natural park management in the cross-border area

The Albanian Local Capacity Development Foundation (ALCDF) was awarded by the European Commission to implement the project “Improvement of national and natural park management in the cross-border area”. The project is being implemented in the framework of the IPA Cross-Border Programme the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia-Republic of Albania, 2007-2013[...]

Local Ownership, Local Leadership, Local Solutions Programme

Focus of support was in scaling local solutions in the sectors of local government, forestry, agriculture and tourism. In total ALCDF implemented and supported 141 local initiatives [...]

  • Support in Tourism Development
  • Support in Forestry / Environment sector
  • Support Civil Society Organization
  • Support in Agriculture Development