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ALCDF creates opportunities for innovative solutions and development in rural areas. The Albanian Local Capacity Development Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by a group of organizations with a constituency and interest based in the rural areas of Albania. ALCDF is supported in the beginning by SNV (Netherlands Development Organization) and it is part of a Local Capacity Development Facilities network of more than 15 countries.

What We Do


The mission of ALCDF is to promote an initiative that would apply an innovative approach to stimulate local change. ALCDF is intended to be focused and flexible, and further build upon a country’s political, economic and social developments.


The Vision of ALCDF is a financially sustainable and vibrant Local Capacity Development Facility serving rural communities in Albania.


The goal of the Albanian Local Capacity Development Foundation (ALCDF) is to foster socio-economic well-being and viable livelihoods in rural areas through strengthened demand articulation, structurally improving service environments, and increased responsiveness and effectiveness of financing. A core element of the approach is that user experience is empowering, thus building confidence of all rural actors to participate in open market environments.

Objectives and Strategy

Corresponding to the Goal and Vision, there are four objectives:

  • Demand articulation is strengthened through broad and comprehensive awareness raising and knowledge building and reinforced through coaching and mentoring.
  • Service environments are structurally improved through the development of service provider networks and platforms and the standardization of the business cycle processes.
  • The responsiveness and effectiveness of finance is increased through the introduction and application of competitive market processes and the utilization of capacity providers to increase certainty and reduce risk.
  • Self-financing revenue generating streams are developed through the creation of a vibrant meeting place for market development (the Facility) and services to reduce market transaction costs.
  • To realize these objectives requires two independent strategies that complement and re-enforce each other.

These strategies are:

An engaged relationship between investment funding and brokered capacity building services. Independent brokering of capacity building services